Useful Information about Lofoten Islands

Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information about Lofoten Islands

Who knows how many times you have thought of spending a few days at the Lofoten, only to be dogged down by a million doubts. What should I pack? Will it be cold? Is it better to go in summer or winter? What about the temperatures? And still, how does one reach those magnificent islands located 200 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle?


Always be prepared for changes in the weather. Wear more clothes than necessary, as opposed to too few. This way you’ll be equipped for outdoor activities without suffering from the cold. Summer temperatures fluctuate constantly. Temperatures vary from 12° to 22° Celsius. Always follow weather forecasts to be prepared for any eventuality. Remember that there are cold seasons, so dress accordingly!
We recommend a mix of light and warm clothes. Waterproof anoraks and trekking shoes or hiking boots are recommended to explore nature in the best way.
Warm woolen or similar material underwear, an intermediate layer of fleece or wool, and on top a windbreaker jacket and waterproof trousers. Do not forget your gloves, hat and scarf. Wear lined winter shoes and woollen socks.


The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon whereby the sun is above the horizon at midnight and for the rest of the night. It shines twenty-four hours a day and during night time hours, its golden light and warm tones make Lofoten Islands a fairy tale. It’s such a striking sensation that you can’t believe or describe it until you have admired its enchanting beauty.

The sea, the stunning views, the old fishing villages – everything is brightened by this magic light which never ceases to amaze us.
In Lofoten islands the midnight sun can be observed from May 25th until July 17th.
During this period, the islands are full of life. People enjoy nature most of the time to get energies from the light after a long winter. It’s a special moment. The lights which distinguish this part of the Arctic are unique. You never get tired of admiring them.

Winter is a magic moment characterized by lights, colors and atmospheres. The Polar Night, when the sun never raises, is very short in the Lofoten islands.
From December the 7th to January the 05th, the sun is below the horizon and darkness becomes the real protagonist of the polar nights.
Although the days are very short, the lights that characterize this period and make this archipelago stunning, are bright, intense, incredible and the colors unforgettable.

Then in this amazing archipelago, later in the evening, arrives the northern lights. They can be visible at these latitudes when the solar activity is powerful.
They are a natural phenomenon, a mixture of shapes, colours; they appear and disappear above our eyes without warning. They can stay for a while or all night long; we never know when they are coming, we have to wait, admire the sky, be patient and wait until the show begins and finally enjoy their beauty. The best period to admire this phenomenon is from September through to March.