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Winter and the beauty of the polar lights

Winter is a magic moment characterized by lights, colours and atmospheres. The Polar Night, when the sun never raises, is very short in the Lofoten Islands. From December the 7th to January the 05th, the sun is below the horizon and darkness becomes the real protagonist of the polar nights.

Although the days are very short, the lights that characterize this period and make this archipelago stunning, are bright, intense, incredible and the colours unforgettable. The sky turns pink, violet, intense blue. It is difficult to describe with simple words how amazing this show is because its beauty is simply unforgettable. Then in this amazing archipelago, later in the evening, arrives the “Queen of the Arctic”, the northern lights, Nordlys in norwegian. The Aurora Borealis is only visible at these latitudes unless the solar activity is extraordinarily powerful.

The northern lights can be considered one of the most incredible show on our planet. They are a natural phenomenon and they are a mixture of moments, shapes, colours; they appear and disappear above our eyes without warning. They can stay for a while or all night long; we never know when they are coming, we have to wait, admire the sky, be patient and wait until the show begins and we can finally enjoy their beauty. The magic of the northern lights is unique and unrepeatable.

The best period to admire this phenomenon is from September through to March.

You all are invited to be a part of this amazing show which never stops fascinating us!