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The summer accompanied us on our discovery of the perennial light of the sun whichnever sets..

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon. In that the sun is above the horizon at midnight and the rest of the night. It shines twenty­four hours a day and during the night, its golden light and warm tones make Lofoten Islands a fairy tale. It’s such a suggestive sensation that you can’t believe or describe it until you haven’t admired its enchanting beauty.

The sea, the stunning pics, the old fishing villages, everything is brightened by this magic light which never stops to amaze us.

In Lofoten islands the midnight sun can be observed from may the 25th until july the 17th.

In that period, the islands are full of life. People live outside most of the time to recharge the body after a long winter. It’s a special moment. The lights of the North which distinguish this part of the Arctic, and the effect they have on us, pushed us to study, and to inform ourselves more and more, until we finally reached a decision: our move to this corner of the world, which never stops fascinating us.