Sea activities

Fishing, Trollfjord and Sea Eagles safari

If you are looking for a fantastic experience, join one of our sea activities. You can chose among different options.

One of the world’s largest seasonal fisheries takes place in Lofoten. From mid-February until the end of April, Lofoten is full of life. The Arctic cod migrates from the vast, nutritious areas of the Barents Sea in its millions, en route to the spawning grounds near Lofoten to continue the species. If you are keen on fishing, then you should join a fishing trip becoming a real norwegian fisherman for one day. The Gulf Stream makes these waters very mild and consequently the perfect spawning ground for the Arctic cod which reaches our fjord in autum and stay to through march. In this period you can decide to rent a boat and fish on your own or you can join a fishing trip. It will be a stunning experience; you will enjoy fishing sorrounded by a stunning Arctic nature.

Don’t miss a Sea Eagle safari! Here in Lofoten there’s a very big community of white-tailed sea eagles. Being huge animals, their observation is always an exciting moment. The sea eagles are used to flying close to the fishermen’s boats in search for food. Be a part of this fantastic show!

During your stay in Lofoten islands, a Trollfjord excursion shouldn’t miss on the list of the things you can do. We arrange sea eagles safaries both winter and summer.

Sailing to the Trollfjord is a magic sensation. To find yourself in the narrowest norwegian fjord is something you should experience once in your life. The Trollfjord is incredibly beautiful surrounded by rocks and birds. This mixture between rocks and sea will make you feel the main character of a sweet and fabulous fairy tale.