It’s late in the night and the sun is still bright. It’s midnight and the it seems that the sun doesn’t want to rest, it’s still shining!. It’s quite difficult to sleep because it’s shining 24 hours a day and the we try to enjoy summer and its amazing lights.

The Midnight Sun season represents a very important moment for all the people who live above the Polar Circle and experience the never ending light. It’s a way of recharching the batteries after a long, dark winter.

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The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon. During this period the sun is above the horizon at midnight. And the rest of the night, 24 hours a day. We’re talking about weeks and months wonderful light and mild weather. Difficult to explain feelings and sensations. Pictures, words, poems, books, guides can a lot of, but for understanding the magnificence of warm and beauty, you have to travel up here and feel the power of nature!
It’s such a striking sensation that you can’t believe or describe it until you have admired its enchanting beauty.

What is the midnight sun?

Let’s spend some words to explain why we do have mignight sun. Globes are slightly tilted on their axes. This is because the Earth itself is slightly tilted on its axis. When the northern hemisphere is turned towards the sun and it’s summer, the light comes from the side of the planet that is in daylight.

What does the Midnight Sun look like?

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon whereby the sun is above the horizon at midnight and for the rest of the night. It shines twenty-four hours a day and during night time hours, its golden light and warm tones make Northern Norway a fairy tale. The sea, the stunning views, the old fishing villages – everything is brightened by this magic light which never ceases to amaze us.
During the night you can go for a walk, you can hike, you can Climb, you can sit on a beautiful sandy beach and admire the never ending lights witht its goleden, redisg, orange colors. This is not a fairy tale, thi is not a fantasy… this is simply Northern Norway and its indescribable light.

Do you think it could be hard to rest?

Actually we do sleep well because we get used to. We do however sleep less, because the light makes us energetic, active, full of joy and happiness. The light increases the Level of adrenalina , so the body needs less sleep. Visitors could experience some problems with sleeping at the beginning, but just for few days. However all the accommodations have curtains which help. But if you are a light sleeper, it’s better you put in your bag a sleeping mask before leaving!
Never mind, you’ll get used to it and you’ll enjoy the white Arctic Nights… an unique experience!
And do not forget that you can observe, admire, breath this extraordinary natural phenomenon only in the northest part of Norway, the part above the Polar Circle.