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About us

Our arrival in Lofoten

Summer accompanies us in discovering the perennial light of the sun that never sets. Our adventure begins in 2002 as tourists…

We then decide to experience winter and its many possibilities. The Northern Lights that distinguish this part of the Arctic and the effect they produce on us push us to study, to document more… and more… and finally, a decision is made: we were to move to this corner of the world that never ceases to fascinate us. This was in 2005, the same year in which we began our activity as tourist guides.

Today, our passion has become that of guiding our beloved countrymen and people from all over the world to discover what we have been lucky enough to discover. What we do, we do with passion, and our aim is to give everyone the chance to experience the same emotions that we experienced back in 2002.

Thus, the idea of creating “Lofoten Lights” and bringing our traveling friends to the discovery of one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world was born.

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Our team

What we do, we do with passion, and our aim is to give everyone the chance to experience the best of Lofoten Islands


Claudia Gasperini

Claudia, as soon as she finished her studies as interpreter & translator, she started working in the tourist industry. She began working with guests from all over the world and she very quickly understood that working in this sector is not just a job, but a passion. In 2008 she moved to Lofoten where she decided to create “Lofoten Lights”, her tour guide Company. In her spare time she loves hiking with her sweet dog, Leia. She is also keen on photography and she never stops taking pictures of the amazing landscape and lights which surround her.


Maurizio Massaccesi

For Maurizio Lofoten islands were love at first sight. There are many things he is in love with, first of all the peace and atmosphere that he can breath. He likes long hikes and his job. As a guide he always has new ideas. Every single tour with him is a moment of amusement and knowledge. He is in love with the lights of this part of the world and in winter time, any moment is the right one to take great pictures of the magic Aurora Borealis. In his spare time he likes dedicating his time to his favourite sport, football, and cooking.

Eleonora Zorzenone

Eleonora Zorzenone

Eleonora has always worked in the world of tourism: from London, to Rome to Medellin in Colombia. She loves to travel, cats, coffee and snow.  In her spare time, she likes to tell her story in her online diary on YouTube and take long walks to discover this Arctic paradise. She has seen many amazing and remote places in her life, but nothing has impressed her as much as Norway. So she decided to start 2022 by abandoning the chaos of the city and giving herself a chance in her dream place: the Lofoten Islands.


Hilde Eliza Sjursø

Hilde Eliza is a girl with a thousand interests and passions. At the age of 17, the Intercultural project took her from Norway to Italy, where, after finishing high school in Norway, she decided to return to study Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the University for Foreigners of Siena. Later, her love of nature led her to the Arctic and, more specifically, to the Lofoten Islands, where she decided to settle. Since then, her passion for these islands has continued to grow, and today, she could not imagine her life anywhere else.

In addition to her passion for her work, which allows her to meet new people, discover new cultures and explore the places she loves on a daily basis, in her spare time, Hilde Eliza enjoys reading, travelling, playing the ukulele and guitar, and also loves long walks in nature, trekking and geocaching.

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Lena Dahle

Lena grew up in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Bavaria where she worked in a publishers house. She likes ice cream, dogs, sunrises, the moon, sunsets, a sky full of stars, the mountains, the northern lights and all the little moments and things life and nature have to offer. She’s keen on hiking, trying new sports, reading new books, and having strolls with her camera. She also loves travelling, meeting people from all over the world and getting inspired by nature and the immense beauty of it.

In 2021 while having a Solo-Roadtrip with a rented Van through Scandinavia, she immediately felt in love with Norway and here is why she moved to the Lofoten islands where she has started to work as a guide. In 2023 she joined Lofoten Lights team where now she mainly works as a northern lights guide. Here in the Lofoten islands she can combine her passion for photography, practice all the outdoor activities she likes the most such as shooting the landscape and the aurora borealis, hiking in summer under the midnight sun and snowshoeing in winter during the long arctic nights.

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